Cloud solutions are delivered seamlessly from multiple Platformity data centers.

Our colleagues in the techiesphere will no doubt be pleased to know that Platformity offers Cloud and virtualisation solutions built on the offerings of such technology leaders as VMWare, HP, Microsoft and Cisco. SMEs will be more interested in the simple fact that we build Private Clouds direct on our clients’ premises more affordability and much faster than they could themselves.

Ever mindful of the need to customise solutions according to client requirements, Platformity even offers a Hybrid Cloud solution. This linking of a client’s Private Cloud with Platformity’s Public Cloud ensures seamless applications and services are delivered at the best location suited to the client’s needs.

Whether a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud is selected, SMEs appreciate the cost savings that our vast experience and flexible hardware & software rentals are able to bring to bear for them. For their part, actual users at the coalface are astounded at the Internet speeds – measured in gigabytes – that are delivered to their desktops.

Rounding off Platformity’s array of value-adding virtualisation solutions is the fact that we are a Veeam Software Cloud provider. Client Veeam back-ups are sent offsite to Platformity’s secure data centre ensuring high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance and verified protection.

Public Cloud

Private Onsite Cloud

Disaster Recovery

Veeam Cloud Connect (Offsite backups)