High Speed Broadband Fiber

Fiber Optic connectivity remains the top of range solution for connectivity. Platformity have created contended services over Fiber, which allow companies access to higher speeds, but on a shared basis.

Take the speed, reliability and flexibility of fiber optic lines and share the costs.

Platformity carefully manage the usage of our broadband solutions, ensuring that all our clients enjoy an equal quality business grade service.

Broadband Fiber Optic Line Features

  • Guaranteed underlying speed (contention ratio varies depending on service)
  • Available in all urban areas nationally, not just selected focus areas.
  • Most reliable connectivity method
  • Flexiable, and quick to add services
  • Free Cisco router rental
  • Line speeds from 4mb to Gb’s
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Point to point link
  • Traffic between colocated services and your network are always uncontended and free