Veeam Cloud Connect

Get your backups into the cloud and free your business of data loss risk.

Extending Backup to the Cloud

Everyone needs a place to store their backups off site. But many organizations don’t have a second site, and rotating tapes or removable media off site is cumbersome. Increasingly, customers are turning to the cloud as a better alternative. Platformity offer local South African based storage for your backups, as well as supporting and selling the full Veeam solution.

Offsite copies of your critical data backups.

Veeam Cloud Features

  • Secure offsite backups.
  • Incremental backups.
  • Easy recovery.
  • Ability to restore to our Public cloud.
  • Data remains in South Africa.
  • Secure DC, with 24 Hour security.
  • HP Enterprise servers and Storage used.
  • Wan Compression Available.
  • Client configures the retention periods.
  • Ready to deploy for all Veeam clients, takes a few minutes to setup.
  • Can be scheduled to run outside of business hours.

Platformity Veeam Cloud Connect.