Voice Engine

Voice Engine is Platformity's proprietary fully integrated TMS. (Telephone Management System)

Voice Engine is a proprietary voice call accounting system that was developed in-house by Platformity. Not only is this smart piece of software able to differentiate business from private calls, it also provides itemised billing for each user, whether they’re next door or across the country. The fact that voice call data can be analysed in depth has obvious implications for quality control and anti-fraud operations.

Below we will cover some of the features in more detail.

Itemised billing: The system is able to bill each individual user for their private calls. The system creates a file that can be imported into the payroll system, and automatically recover the cost from the users salary. In addition to recovering the call costs, managers also gain incite into how much time is been spent on private calls, helping them to solve productivity issues.

Centralized voice data: All the data from the clients branches is centrally saved, this allows admins to easily trace calls in one location.

Call recording: This is an optional feature of voice engine, and brings call recording integrated into the management system.

Granular reporting: Reporting can be done, per user, per department, per location, and across the whole client base. This functionality for example can be used to determine why one sales department is more effective then another etc.