Wide Area Network

The solution of choice for companies who need reliability and have no tolerance for downtime or slow networks. All Platformity networks are built on the latest Cisco technology, allowing for superior uptimes, faster speeds and a wider technology reach.

Wide area network services for companies that operate nationally and want the most reliable network on the market.

Platformity will manage the rollout and operation of the network from the beginning, we have superior monitoring and self healing technologies that place us ahead of the competition, and deliver our promises.

WAN Features

  • Guaranteed monitored speeds
  • Only the most reliable connectivity methods deployed
  • Superior monitoring and self healing.
  • Cisco based technologies, incl MPLS and VOIP.
  • Integrated QOS ensure your business services and VOIP are always up.
  • Seamless integration to Platformity cloud services, allowing quick product deployment and ultimate flexibility.
  • Guaranteed up-times with SLA penalty’s.